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At Online4baby, you'll find the ideal baby swing for your newborn or young baby, ready to keep them entertained and your hands free.
Available in plenty of different designs with loads of functionality, finding the perfect baby bouncer swing for your home is like, well, child’s play. Options include handy 2-in-1 systems that function as both a swing and a swivel chair, as well as simpler designs that can send your baby to sleep with just a quick push from mum or dad. You’ll find swings in loads of colours and patterns – we know we’ve got the ideal baby swing seat to match your nursery. For the perfect indoor baby swing, shop the full range here at Online4baby. Trust us, you'll wish you had bought one sooner.

What age can a baby use a swing?

Baby swings are a wonderful place where your baby can swing, play, rest or just watch the world around them in safety. Most of our baby swings are suitable for newborn babies up to a certain age and/or weight. Our swings will clearly state what age baby they can be used for.

Always make sure you only place your little one in a baby swing that is suitable for them. The baby swing should also be in an appropriate configuration too, as some have adjustable seats. Typically, newborns and younger babies need to be placed in flat seat configurations.

Should I let my baby sleep in a swing?

Baby swings can witness some fast-paced swinging and some excited play. But, with those comfortable chairs and that swinging action, they can also put a tired baby to sleep better than almost anything else.

However, although baby swings are safe places to sit, swing and play, they’re not designed for sleeping in. Your little one needs to nap and sleep in a safe and approved baby bed, like a Moses basket, a cot bed or a bedside crib. If your baby falls asleep in their swing, as tempting as it may be to leave them there, you should take them out and lay them down in their bed.

How to put up a baby swing?

When you first buy a baby swing, or if you take it out of storage, you’ll need to set it up properly. And how you do so will depend on which model you have – it will come with detailed instructions that show you how to put it together. You can often also find helpful videos online that take you through setting up and using your baby swing.

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