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So, you step out the house with baby in their pram or buggy. The sun is shining and the weather looks great. Then disaster strikes! The black clouds roll in and the sky opens up. No one likes a Great British downpour – especially not babies. It’s a good thing you brought your pram rain cover with you. What a lifesaver.
Buggy rain covers are simple and easy to use. You simply slide them over the pram when the drizzle starts and baby is kept warm and snug and free from the rain. At Online4baby we stock a fantastic range of rain covers to suit all prams and buggies, as well as some great universal rain covers that do the job across a variety of different prams and buggies. And they’re all at great prices you can afford. Ready to keep your little one cosy and snug whilst you’re out and about?

How to cover a stroller in the rain?

Nothing ruins a walk quite like the rain, and that goes double for when you’re out with your little one. Being cold and wet isn’t much fun for you, but it’s even more miserable for your baby.

So when the rain strikes, don’t fumble around with blankets to make an improvised and inadequate cover, reach for a raincover instead. Buggy raincovers are designed to fit specific models of prams to protect your little one and keep them dry. Raincovers are lightweight and easy to carry with you in the bottom of your buggy and are fast to whip out and slide on top of your pushchair. They are by far the easiest and most effective way to waterproof a stroller when it starts to pour.

How to put a raincover on a pram?

Our raincovers are made to be used with specific pushchairs. Simply click on each raincover in our range to see which makes and models it’s suitable for.

How you put a raincover on your pushchair will depend on which model you have. Raincovers tend to work in the same way, however – they cover the whole rear and hood of a buggy and extend down to fasten to the front of the pushchair, past your child’s feet. Each raincover will have fastenings that match the model of buggy they’re made for. Whatever pram you have, rest assured that all our raincovers are simple to use and are a breeze to put on, meaning you can react quickly when you feel that first raindrop strike.

Are raincovers on prams safe?

Raincovers are a safe and effective way to keep your little ones dry and protect them against the elements.

Covering your baby with an assortment of clothes and blankets to protect them from the rain isn’t recommended. Blankets can reduce air circulation and overheat your little one. But raincovers are designed to be breathable and to allow air to circulate. They keep the water out, but let the air flow, to make sure your child stays dry without overheating. Just make sure you use a raincover that’s made for your model of pram and that you attach it properly (don’t worry, they’re easy to put on).

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