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Moses Baskets & Stands

Moses baskets. They’re a great choice for many parents. They’re lightweight to carry and can be moved around the home easily, offering a snug spot for your little one to bed down for the night or for a day-time nap. Shop the full range of UK Moses baskets today, with prices to suit any budget.
At Online4baby, you’ll find a great range of baby baskets from leading nursery brands, from as little as £19.95. You can choose from classic wicker Moses baskets, rocking Moses baskets, Moses baskets with wheels and even those with drapes to shut out the light during a day-time nap. Many of our baby Moses baskets also come equipped with stands so you can keep baby at the perfect height next to your bed as they sleep at night. They will be safe, snug, secure and sleeping soundly. Hopefully you will be too!

Do I need a Moses basket?

Moses baskets are made for newborns and young babies to sleep in. And whilst Moses baskets aren’t vital – your baby can sleep in a cot bed or a bedside crib instead – they are a fantastic and highly recommended choice.

Moses baskets are compact and cosy, and provide a snug and reassuring space for your baby to sleep in. They are portable too, giving you plenty of options for where your little one sleeps. You can set your sleeping baby down in their Moses basket next to you in the living room in the evening, then carry them into the bedroom with you at night. On top of that, Moses baskets are relatively cheap too, and are fantastic value for money.

Are Moses baskets safe?

Moses baskets are a great choice for newborns and young babies. They’re also approved as a safe bed for babies by a range of expert bodies, including the NHS, the NCT and the Lullaby Trust.

Like all items of baby gear, Moses baskets are only safe if you use them properly. Moses baskets are intended for newborn and younger babies that can’t yet sit up by themselves. You should follow the NHS’s recommended safe sleeping practices too, like placing your baby on their back to sleep and keeping them in the same room as you for their first six months.

How long can a baby sleep in a Moses basket?

Your little one can sleep in a Moses basket as long as they fit into it comfortably and as long as they can’t sit upright. Once your baby has learned to sit up unaided, a Moses basket will no longer be safe for them, as they may sit upright and fall out of it.

Most babies learn to sit up around three to four months of age, meaning Moses baskets are safe, flexible and relatively inexpensive beds that can be used for the first few months after you bring your baby home.

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