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Time for some shuteye… Here at Online4baby, we know just how great sleep can be for your little one. Whether a cat nap, a little doze or that satisfying moment when they finally sleep through! That's why you'll find the perfect cot mattress in our latest nursery range.
Offering optimum comfort and cosiness, each cot bed mattress is designed to support your baby while they sleep, ensuring a great sleep for both baby and you. Built to withstand plenty of use, our luxurious baby mattress collection is perfect for babies who are brand new to cot sleeping through to the big-kid bed phase. Using high quality materials that keep your little one feeling comfy and temperate, a cot bed mattress is also essential for safe sleeping. Incorporating a reversible design, these mattresses can easily be flipped over to prevent too much wear and tear or sagging, meaning your baby's head, neck, and back stay equally supported even with plenty of use.

What size is a cot bed mattress?

Cot bed mattresses come in a few size varieties, so it is important when purchasing your cot that you get the correct-sized mattress.

Here at Online4Baby, our cot sizes range from 120x60 centimetres through to 140x70, and many cots will be suitable for these sizes. 120x60 cot mattresses are commonly referred to as 'Continental Sized', and are considered to be on the smaller end, while those that are 140x70 centimetres are simply referred to as 'Cot Bed Mattresses’.

Always check the dimensions of your cot before purchasing your mattress, or if possible, purchase a set that is pre-measured for the perfect fit.

Can a baby sleep on a foam mattress?

Mattresses for newborns and toddlers should provide adequate support, with breathable, machine washable fabrics and covers.

A standard foam mattress or even a memory foam mattress is not suitable for babies and toddlers, as these are unlikely to provide the level of support required for their development. Memory foam mattresses may also be a suffocation hazard, as these are designed to surround the body as you sleep.

Always purchase a specifically designed cot bed or cot mattress to keep your baby's neck and back supported and their temperature regulated, as well as their bedding clean and hygienic in the case of accidents

How to choose a baby crib mattress?

When choosing a baby crib mattress, it is important that you are firstly selecting a mattress that is specifically designed for cots.

Baby and toddler mattresses are made to support your baby's neck and back as they grow. They are also breathable to help them regulate their temperature as they sleep, and be easily washed (or have a washable, removable cover) to ensure that your baby's sleeping area is kept hygienic and safe.

Always choose the right-sized mattress based on your cot frame – the required mattress size will usually be stated in the cot's instruction manual or on the packaging itself.

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