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Isofix Car Seats & Bases

What is ISOFIX?

ISOFIX, short for 'International Standards Organisation Fix', refers to a leading baby and child car-seat fixture system designed for added security and safety when transporting your baby in your vehicle. While belt-operated car seats are safe for children, ISOFIX uses secure anchor points for added security and safety to reduce the potential harm of incorrectly fitted car seats.

Many modern cars and EU-approved car seats will be ISOFIX compatible, however, it is important to check your owner's manual as well as the ISOFIX categorisation system to ensure you purchase the correct ISOFIX system for your specific vehicle.

Does my car have ISOFIX?

ISOFIX hardware comes in three categories that can help you determine whether your car is compatible with a particular ISOFIX base: Vehicle-Specific Approval, Semi-Universal Approval, and Universal Approval.

Universal Approval ISOFIX fixtures will be compatible with most newer cars, however, it is important to check the list of vehicles in each category as stated by ISOFIX, or in your car's owner manual. Many current car seats are compatible with these ISOFIX categories, so with a little research, finding a suitable and safe ISOFIX fixture and car seat is relatively simple!

How to remove an ISOFIX base?

ISOFIX bases are designed to be easily installed and removed from your vehicle with a few quick steps. While each model is different, ISOFIX systems typically have a button located at the front, as well as release mechanisms at the sides of the base. Press the button at the front of the ISOFIX system and slide the base forward. At this point, the anchors at the back of the system should be exposed and should allow you to then use the buttons at the sides of the base to de-anchor the system from your car. If in doubt, refer to the model's manual for their specific installation instructions.

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