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The beds feature all the elements you’d expect from a standard baby bed, with solid wooden front and back panels, side slats, a compact cot mattress and adjustable sleeping heights. But beneath that bed sits a roomy drawer that’s the perfect place for storing items like clothes, pyjamas, bedding, toys and changing accessories.

What age should a baby move from a Moses basket to a cot?

Newborns can sleep in either a Moses basket or a cot from birth. While there is no hard and fast rule about making the transition from basket to cot, many parents can judge this based on their baby's height and age, and how well they fit into the Moses basket.

Once your baby is around the same length as their basket, it is best to begin using a cot or crib. This will not only ensure your baby is kept comfortable, but it will also reduce the risk of suffocation – cots and cribs have far more space for your little one to sleep and move about safely. Once they can sit up and support themselves independently at around six months of age, a Moses basket will become unsafe as they could fall out of it.

What is a space saver cot?

Space saver cribs and cot beds are designed to provide additional storage in your baby's nursery for essentials like nappies, wipes, clothing, and toys. Dimensionally, space saver cots and cribs will be around the same size as a typical cot (or slightly smaller), but will not always have the ability to be lowered as far down as a regular cot bed unless the under storage is removed.

For this reason, you may find that you transition your child out of their space saver cot earlier than you would a typical cot – usually between two and three years of age.

What age does a space saver cot go up to?

Space saver cots are similar to if not the same size as standard cots, however, they provide additional storage at the base of the cot. For this reason, a space saver cot may not be able to lower down to the floor as a typical cot would.

Usually, children remain in their cot until they are at least two to three years of age – if you find your little one is able (or attempting to) climb out of the space saver cot before this time, you should consider removing the storage to lower the mattress to floor level, or switching to a toddler bed.

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