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Cot Beds

At Online4baby, we stock a fantastic range of baby cots and new-born cot beds from some of the leading nursery brands, at market leading prices. They all offer a safe space for your little one to get that essential sleep.
A baby cot bed is a big investment – you need something that will last for the long haul. And that’s exactly what we’ve got right here! The cot beds we stock at Online4baby are all adjustable, so they grow as your little one grows. They start as cot beds and then can easily be converted into junior beds. You’ll be covered until they’re around four! Ready to get your little one cosy and snug? Shop the full range of UK cot beds at Online4baby and find the ideal bed for sweet dreams every night for your little one.

When is the best time to lower a cot?

Baby cots will typically have three settings which you can adjust as your baby grows and becomes more mobile.

When your baby is a newborn, cots can be placed at the highest setting, as they cannot yet roll over, crawl, or stand. As your little one starts to show signs that they may soon sit up or crawl, it is advised to adjust the cot to the middle setting (typically before five months of age).

Finally, prior to your baby sitting up, crawling or standing, adjust the cot to the lowest setting. This is the safest option, as it will prevent your baby from attempting (or learning) to climb out of the cot.

Can a newborn sleep in a cot?

Newborns can sleep in a cot, crib, or Moses basket from birth. As newborns are not yet mobile, the cot can be adjusted to the highest setting – this makes it easier to lay down and pick up your baby, especially during the night.

This is also beneficial for the baby, making for a smoother transition from being swaddled to being placed in the cot. Newborn cots should always be set up in a parent's room (usually until six months of age), and positioned next to the bed for easy night-time checks and soothing from mum or dad.

What size is a cot bed?

Depending on your nursery setup, you may choose a cot or a cot bed for the arrival of your little one. UK cots, which are usually a little smaller than cot beds, will typically require a mattress and fitted sheet size of 120 x 60 centimetres. Only slightly larger, cot beds will usually require a mattress and sheet size of 140 x 70 centimetres.

While these are the sizes you are likely to see, not all cots and cot beds have the same dimensions, so it is important that when purchasing your cot bedding that you choose the correct size for your cot or cot bed to ensure your baby's safety and comfort.

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