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When the day comes that your little one no longer wants to be pushed about in the pram, the perfect next step might just be a baby trike or balance bike. These super safe and fun little bikes and trikes are perfect for keeping kids active, busy, and entertained while you're out and about.
At Online4baby we've got a great selection of baby trikes, balance bikes, and even kids’ bikes in all shapes and sizes, all at a fantastic price. Promising plenty of fun for your kids a balance bike or trike can make all the difference on days out, walks, trips to nursery or school, plus plenty more. And they’re ideal starter bikes for little ones to learn the basics of the real thing. Shop the full range to find the perfect kids’ balance bike, toddler trike, or little kid bicycle in the Online4baby range. With a host of fun colours for kids (and even stylish colours for you), there's plenty to love.

How to measure bike size for kids?

Whether you are looking for a child's balance bike or a pedal bike, it's important to take note of the bike's wheel size, your child's height, and their age.

Typically, children's bikes will provide age suitability information, however for the perfect fit, always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines which will often detail the ideal height in relation to the wheel size. Children should be able to safely and comfortably touch their feet to the ground, sit upright or lean slightly forward, and should be able to fully extend their arms without appearing overstretched or unbalanced.

What is a child's balance bike?

A child's balance bike is a first-time learner bike, usually suitable for children up to three years of age. Without hardware like pedals, gears, brakes, and chains, balance bikes are designed to be controlled by your little one's own legs, giving them the freedom to keep up with the family without requiring the coordination and balance that comes with riding a pedal bike.

With the help of a balance bike, children can gain confidence, independence, and even road safety awareness. They will learn about helmet wearing, crossing roads, and how to share the road with pedestrians before making the transition to a pedal bike.

Can I take a child's scooter on a plane?

When it comes to taking your child's scooter on a plane, it is always safest to check with your particular airline prior to travel.

While some may allow foldable scooters to be treated as carry-on luggage, other airlines have very specific requirements around what can be stowed in overhead bins or carried on the plane, even if the scooter is just an inch or two over the size guidelines.

Many children's scooters are designed to neatly pack away, some with carrying cases, which may make it easier for you to comply with airline requirements.

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