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3 Wheel Travel Systems

Our fantastic selection of 3 wheel travel systems includes bassinet attachments for newborns and smaller babies. We’ve got switchable forward or rear facing seats for older toddlers and kids. Plus car seat adaptors too.

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On top of that, with three large wheels and a lightweight but durable frame, 3 wheel travel systems will glide over rough ground with ease, without breaking your back and jiggling your little one around. Their front wheel locks in place when you’re in the city and on smoother surfaces, then unlocks to handle anything from cobblestones to countryside paths to sandy beaches.

What is a travel system?

Travel systems are versatile buggies that can fit a range of different seats and chairs, making them suitable for children of a wide range of ages.

A travel system with a carrycot attached (also called a bassinet) can transport your newborn in comfort and safety. When your little one can sit upright unaided – usually around six months of age – the carrycot can be swapped out for an adjustable seat that can last you and your child for years. Many travel systems can take compatible car seats too, meaning you can move your little one from the back of the car to their buggy with ease, often without even waking them up!

A 3-wheel travel system combines all this versatility with a highly manoeuvrable frame too, giving you a buggy that can last for years and that can handle all kinds of terrain. 3-wheel travel systems are the absolute peak of flexibility.

Are travel systems worth it?

Travel systems are one of the best investments you’ll make and are excellent value for money. A good pushchair is an absolute must. They’re a safe, comfortable and convenient way for you to get around with your child. From walks and trips to the shops to longer adventures together, you’ll end up using your child’s pushchair on a near daily basis, often multiple times per day.

And as travel systems can fit a range of seats, from carrycots to adjustable infant chairs, they can last for years – from birth until your child is three years old, sometimes for even longer.

Do I need a carrycot with my travel system?

Carrycot attachments, also called bassinet attachments, allow your little one to lie flat as you’re out and about. They’re a safe and secure option for newborns and younger babies.

If your child hasn’t reached the age where they can sit upright unaided (which usually happens between three to six months), carrycot attachments are an absolute must. They’ll ensure your little one lies and sleeps in a safe position when you’re out in the buggy.

Carrycots can also be used with older children too. They make excellent mobile beds if your little one is close to nap time when you’re due to go out.

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