Sleep safety has long been a serious and emotive issue for parents.

How to keep your sleeping baby safe at night whilst still staying close by. Most parents keep their baby in their own room for the first six months. This makes it easier for you to feed, comfort, and watch your baby during the night.

Please see the following link for more information on how to keep your baby safe at night: Click here

It is recommended that the baby should be placed into a crib, bassinet, or portable crib close to your bed. With Safe Sleep Week around the corner, here are a few side-sleeping bedside cribs that can keep you connected to the baby but safe through the night:

Chicco Next2me Crib:

The Chicco Next2me family is the most awarded range of side-sleeping cribs on the market.
The Original, the Air, and the Magic for premium side sleeping has transformed how parents and babies sleep together.

Take a look at our Chicco Next2me cribs.

Chicco Next2Me Cribs


Joie Roomie Bedside Crib:

Stay calm with the Roomie crib next to your bed, you will not lose your bed or closeness to your child. Your child can sleep safely in their own crib whilst you can rest next to them in your own bed.

See our Joie Roomie Cribs here.

Joie Roomie Cribs


Snuz Snuzpod4 Bedside Crib:

Snuzpod4 is a safe alternative to co-sleeping. Feed, soothe, and be closer to your baby with the all-new SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib! Keeping baby nearby, for a safe bonding experience. With dual-view mesh windows and a half-height zip-down wall for easy access, be by their side through every yawn, wiggle, gurgle and nap.

See here for our Snuzpod4 Cribs

Snuz Snuzpod4 Bedside Cribs


For more information on the benefits of side sleeping, please see our previous blog: Chicco Next2Me Cribs & the benefits of side-sleeping.

The next Safer Sleep Week campaign will take place from 15-21 March 2021 please follow the link here for more details.