Sleep safety has long been a serious and emotive issue for parents. With the introduction of side-sleeping cribs, they have achieved a delicate balance of how to safely soothe, feed and bond with your baby during the night without sharing a bed.

The Chicco Next2Me family is the most awarded range of side-sleeping cribs on the market, with over 30 industry awards to their name. They continue to evolve based on regular customer feedback and the insight and innovation of their Baby Research Centre. They constantly introduce new features that help make babies more comfortable and make the parent's lives easier.

Side sleeping crib benefits: Baby can sleep safely next to you all night without sleeping in the same bed. Night-time feeds are made so much easier as the baby is within reaching distance, making it convenient to breastfeed and reassure baby. The cribs can be tilted, which can help babies with reflux and congestion. Helps nurture that special bond between parents and baby.

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