6 Lockdown Valentine's Day Ideas!

Feb 5, 2021 - by ajones

With the obvious Valentine’s Day activities on hold while we are in the current lockdown. We have come up with six awesome ideas to celebrate with your loved one while in the comfort of your own home.

        1.  The perfect way to start, breakfast in bed.

You may have to fight over who gets to stay in bed but who doesn’t love a date that doesn’t require getting out of bed?
Get the kids involved if you have them. Create a fun breakfast with homemade heart-shaped pancakes. 🥞


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Best online learning resources for kids!

Jan 20, 2021 - by ajones

Once again, we find ourselves in another national lockdown which means that primary and secondary schools have been closed at least until mid-February.  We as parents are faced with homeschooling along with juggling our own work once more.

We've listed some of our staff's favourite sites and content to help keep the kids entertained and healthy till things get back to 'normal'.

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Chicco Next2Me cribs & the benefits of side sleeping!

Dec 23, 2020 - by ajones

Sleep safety has long been a serious and emotive issue for parents. With the introduction of side-sleeping cribs, they have achieved a delicate balance of how to safely soothe, feed and bond with your baby during the night without sharing a bed.

The Chicco Next2Me family is the most awarded range of side-sleeping cribs on the market, with over 30 industry awards to their name. They continue to evolve based on regular customer feedback and the insight and innovation of their Baby Research Centre. They constantly introduce new features that help make babies more comfortable and make the parent's lives easier.

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Introducing two new easy ways to pay.

Jul 23, 2020 - by ajones

No need to wait until payday! Pay in 3 easy payments, interest-free!


Klarna Info


Here’s what you need to get started:
- Be 18 years of age or older
- Have a UK bank account
- Have a UK residential address

Klarna gives you flexible options for you to choose how you would like to pay.

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10 Simple & Easy Baby Weaning Recipes

May 5, 2020 - by ajones

Knowing when to start your baby’s weaning journey can be confusing for parents, especially with your first baby. The best first foods on their weaning journey will be easily digestible and will be smooth in texture (no lumps).

Baby Weaning

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Baby weaning made simple!

Apr 3, 2020 - by ajones

It is often said that it is not easy being a parent… So why not simplify adult life by making it better for little ones?

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Stay safe during COVID-19

Mar 30, 2020 - by ajones

As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the UK everybody is looking for support and advice where they can.

Covid19The main advice is to STAY safe at home to stop the Coronavirus from spreading:

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Child car seats & the law!

Feb 17, 2020 - by ajones

Joie Car SeatThe law states that children must use a child car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall, which ever comes first. Children over 12 or more than 135cm tall must wear a seat belt.

Although this is the ‘law’, many safety experts suggest you use a car seat for all children under 150cm/4ft 11 due to the additional protection it offers. This is actually the legal requirement in other European countries such as Germany & France.

The .gov website states:

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10 adorable Christmas outfits for your bundle of joy

Dec 9, 2019 - by ajones

Who doesn't love a baby in a cute Christmas outfit, especially at baby's first Christmas!

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without cute babies in elf onesies or cheesy Christmas jumpers!
After all, they only celebrate their first Christmas once, and you want to make sure that the photos from the big day are adorable enough to display for many years come.

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Who doesn’t love a good firework display?

Nov 5, 2019 - by ajones

Bonfire night is here, the fireworks & candy floss, fairground rides & sparklers, what’ not to love. Family fun for everyone.

Fireworks and sparklers come with certain risks.  We want you to have the best time but please be safe.

Here are 5 ways to keep your child safe on Bonfire Night:

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