Maybe you are one of those super-organised parents that has already bought, wrapped and/or posted all of your Christmas gifts this year, but I am still on the look-out for a couple of ideas for what to get some of the little ones in my life (and their Mums).

As usual, there is a bewilderingly huge selection of stuff available out there, but luckily little ones need a bewilderingly huge number of things during their early years, and Online4Baby can help you zero in on the ideal present. We’ve even broken the ideas down by age range, just to shave a few more minutes all the whole process.

For newborns


A great gift for any new parent (or their newborn child for that matter) is somewhere comfortable for them to kick back and relax, maybe even have a little snooze. A swing is the thing. Some swings will automatically swing themselves at a variety of speeds or even patterns, some play little tunes or vibrate softly – but if you find a magic spot where your baby will sleep, it is priceless.

Play mats and play gyms

It’s never too early to start keeping in shape. So what better gift for your tiny attendant than a play gym? Maybe a play mat. Less chance that they’ll put their little back out trying to bench-press their cuddly toys. (I know that’s not what a play gym does. Honest I do.)

For baby

Play nest

One minute, your baby is lying across your chest like a small bag of potatoes; the next, they are bored and wriggling. They can’t crawl yet, they can’t even sit up. What do you do? What do you do? Well, you could get them a playnest - something that stimulates them with crackles and squeaks and different fabrics for their little fingers to explore. Could be the perfect way to give a new Mum a five-minute break to have a cup of tea and a mince pie while the little one is kept safe and entertained.

Nursery lights

What if your baby is just too excited at the thought of Father Christmas arriving to get to sleep? Perhaps they need a restful nightlight projector that will keep them entertained and play lullabies until they gently drift off. This Chicco Next2 Stars Nightlight projector is even sound-activated, which will hopefully mean you don’t have to get up in the night the little cot bug.

For toddlers

Baby walkers

The Formula 1 season may have just finished, but that doesn’t mean your little racer needs to hang up their driving mittens. How about this speedy little number? Your tiny speedster can even steer their way round the house as the steering wheel actually turns the front wheels. The car even comes off as a standalone toy, if their little legs get tired.


Or maybe your little adventurer has got the hang of pushing themselves around, and they want to graduate to a ride-on. Some of the versions we sell include flashing lights and melodies, but Christmas Day is noisy enough already, isn’t it? The pitter patter of tiny feet is noise enough.

For older children

Disney table and chairs

Everyone loves Disney, don’t they? Well, maybe not everyone, but there are certainly plenty of little princesses out there who would love to take a seat at this table and chair set. You can just imagine them tucking into their turkey and pudding with a paper crown on their heads.

Doll Moses basket

Perhaps if there’s a new arrival in the family, their big brother or sister might like to play along with a Moses basket for their doll. The doll will probably get a lot more sleep than the baby, but at least the siblings will get a feel for looking after the junior members of the family.

For Mums

And what about the hard-working, underappreciated mothers, without whom there would be no babies, etc. Well, there are a few staples. Alcohol is always a big theme, but perhaps they are breastfeeding, so that might be a no-no. However, if alcohol is very much a yes-yes, then maybe a drop of Mother’s Ruin – like this gin-tasting kit.

Chocolate is another safe bet, normally, so maybe they might like these festive chocolate brussels sprouts.

But enough of those tired clichés about gin and chocolate. Some recognition would be nice. Maybe some recognition in the form of a sweatshirt.

Or the chance to relax and let someone else run around after the children for a while. That would be special.

So, start your sleigh bells, hit the high street*, and the best of festive shopping luck to you!

*We all know it’s going to be online-shopping. Who gets the chance to actual visit shops for fun these days? And because, slippers.