Baby monitors are so important in the early stages of your little one’s life. You can watch them sleep, check if they’re OK at night and have that all-important peace of mind. Plus, it can be super cute to watch them on the little screen!

But as brilliant as baby monitors are – whether you opt for a video monitor or just sound – sometimes they become more hindrance than help. There may come a time when it’s keeping you awake while your baby sleeps soundly. So, when do you stop using a baby monitor? The choice really is up to you…

At what age should you stop using a baby monitor?

There’s no specific age that experts recommend you stop using a baby monitor. There hasn’t been much research conducted on this either. Although the surveys that have been done, find most parents stop using their baby monitors when their children are between two and four years old.

Deciding when to stop using your baby monitor is one of those occasions when it’s up to you and your judgement. But to aid you in that decision, ask yourself the following questions:

Has your child fully adjusted to sleeping in their own bed?

If your child naps well and regularly sleeps through the night without waking, you may feel comfortable taking away the baby monitor. If not, and they regularly wake at night and need assistance, it may be better to stick with it for now.

How close are your bedrooms?

If your bedrooms are close and you can hear them easily at night, you may feel more comfortable putting away the baby monitor than if their room is further away.

Does your little one stay in bed or are they a night roamer?

If your child regularly climbs out of bed at night and roams around their room, plays with toys or does anything potentially dangerous, it’s a good idea to keep the baby camera so you can check in on them easily if you hear any noise.

Does your child mind being watched?

By a certain age, your little one will understand what their baby monitor is. Many toddlers love seeing themselves on the screen and will make the connection to the camera above their bed. Cue some good fun when they stand in bed to wave at you and stick their face into the camera.

However, some children may begin to mind being watched as they age and may view it as an invasion of their privacy. If so, it’s time to remove that baby monitor if they’re otherwise safe and comfortable sleeping alone.

Is the baby monitor affecting the quality of your life?

Children often make noises in their sleep that you don’t need to be concerned about. They may sigh and mutter and talk in their sleep (and sometimes even sing). They can burp and cough and they may even wake and talk, but without needing your assistance.

If you have a baby monitor these incidental noises may keep you awake. So, finally putting away the monitor may help you sleep more soundly.

Is the baby monitor affecting your sanity?

Some parents become addicted to watching the monitor at night. Others become obsessed with checking at regular intervals. If this is you, and your child is sleeping fine at night, giving up your baby monitor obsession may do wonders for your sanity.

It doesn’t have to be permanent

Remember, deciding it’s time to stop using your baby monitor doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. This means it doesn’t need to be permanent right away. If you’re nervous about putting it away, you can commit to a trial period at first. Try a week without it. If that spikes your anxiety, try just a few days or even a single night. If your trial period goes well, extend it. Keep extending it until you’re ready to pack it away for good.

But don’t throw your baby monitor out!

Even when you’ve committed to putting away the baby monitor permanently, it’s always a good idea to hang on to it for a few more years, as it can still be useful. You can keep an eye on your child as they sleep if they are ill or if you’re staying over somewhere they’re not familiar with. Baby monitors can also be useful if guests with young children come to stay.