Many parents think that as their car seat is safe and fitted correctly, that their child will be safe in the unlikely event of an accident. Well, that isn’t always the case.
Life with tiny humans brings lots of adventures and many that take us out in the car. During the winter months many dress their children in thick clothes, coats or jackets and place them straight into the car seat.

For your car seat to work properly in a crash, the seat belt or the car seat harness must be snug to the body.  If your baby is wearing lots of heavy and bulky clothing, this prevents the harness or belt from doing its jobs as it allows additional movement and could even result in them slipping out.

Laws regarding child car seats:

How to use the car seat harness correctly:

How to keep your baby warm in the car

Most cars have efficient heating that can be adjusted to the perfect temperature for your baby.  If it’s particularly cold and you are still worried, you can always dress them in additional thin layers of clothes or wrap a small blanket over them once they are fully strapped in and secure.

No matter how much of a rush you are in, remember to always tighten the harness or seat belt correctly around your baby, check it before you set off and avoid thick coats.