Why are our kids bored, entitled and friendless?

Nov 21, 2018 - by Anonymous

It’s a sentiment that has echoed down through the decades, probably the centuries, maybe millennia – “Kids today!!!”

With their iPads and their PJ Masks and their extensive LEGO collections and their ten-second attention spans and three-second fuses and their jet-skis (okay, maybe not the jet-skis), who hasn’t picked up a newspaper or turned on a daytime TV show to hear how the next generation are monstrous creatures, spoilt by their spineless millennial parents substituting screen time for affection or iron discipline or both.

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Motherland on the BBC

Are You Trapped in Motherland?

Nov 29, 2017 - by Anonymous

Has the Zeit of middle-class parenthood ever been more geisted?

The rise of confessional parenting blogs in the last couple of years (with Hurrah For Gin and The Unmumsy Mum leading the charge from the blogosphere onto the bookshelves) has been mirrored on TV this autumn by BBC2’s ‘Motherland’.

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