With Easter being so early this year and only a few days away. We thought we would share with you some easy activities you can do with the kids this weekend! It’s always hard coming up with new things every weekend to keep the little people entertained and still engaged.

Easter is a fun weekend to bring out their creativity and jump into some craft ideas, it’s also the best time to get them outside. With the weather starting to brighten up, you can get them in the garden for an egg hunt.

Here are a few fun and easy ideas to keep them entertained this weekend:


1.    The first is a favourite, an Easter Egg Hunt.

Hide some little eggs all around the garden and give them a little basket to collect them in. Don’t forget to make it not so hard for them and remember where you have hidden all the eggs or else you will still be finding them in a few month's time.


2.    Another easy one. Potato stamped Easter eggs!

Got any potatoes going bad? All you need is a potato, a knife, paint, and some paper. Cut the potato in half (obviously this needs an adult to do) and then cut some shapes into the potato. Dip it in some paint and stamp it away onto your paper. Viola perfect Easter potato art, simple and easy to do at home with the kids. They will love it! See the link here to help.


3.    Pasta Easter Eggs, sounds a little odd but is so much fun.

When you were a kid, did you ever make ornaments or jewelry with macaroni or pasta noodles as a kid?  Grab some different pasta shapes and some paint. Cut out some paper shaped like an egg and get decorating. Grab some extra strong glue and stick the painted pasta to the eggs. See link here.


4.    Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft.

All you need is a bag of mini marshmallows, some glue, googly eyes, wool, some paper, and a few pom-poms.  Of you go, see the link here for how to create your marshmallow Easter bunnies. Click here for instructions.


We hope you like our ideas and have lots of fun this weekend entertaining your little ones.

Happy Easter!


Header image credit: essexlive.net