10 FREE activities for your little ones!

Defeat summer boredom and enjoy all the fun FREE summer activities, who knew fun can really be FREE!
If you have kids, you know just as well as we do that any affordable or free entertainment is the way forward.

Keeping kids entertained is no easy job, here are our 10 favourite and FREE (let’s not forget that bit) activities to enjoy this summer:

1.    A nature walk.

The perfect way to squeeze a little exercise into your kids’ summer with all the fun jammed in as well.  Find and visit your nearest country park or lake. Pack a picnic and make a day of it. You could even make a list of all the wildlife you see and get the kids to look them up when home and find out what they are!

Nature Walk

2.    Visit a fire station!

What kid would not love to sit in a real-life fire engine? A fun day out where they can meet real firefighters and learn a little about fire safety at the same time.
Don’t forget to ring the station directly first to plan your visit that is convenient for them.

3.    Plant a sunflower.

Get those green fingers out and plant a sunflower from a seed and watch it grow. See how tall it grows over the summer. Remember to water it often. The perfect way to help your little ones learn to look after something of their own!


4.    Make fruity ice lollies.

Cool them down on those hot summer days – Let the kiddos pick their own fruit & juice and make their own ice lollies. Super healthy and the perfect way to cool down.
Shelf cooking has a deliciously easy recipe!

5.    Water balloon fight!

Who didn’t love this growing up, I know I did? Especially when you manage to hit an adult with the biggest water balloon!

Water Balloon Fight

6.    Create a scavenger hunt.

This can be in the house or the garden. Or even get the whole street involved. Also, another fun activity to take while on your nature walk!
Check out some of these fun scavenger ideas.

7.    Pool day!

Get the paddling pool out and the BBQ sizzling. What a perfect way to get the whole family together and enjoy the summer in your own garden.

8.    An old favourite!

Get out the chalk and draw hopscotch in your garden or on the pavement on your street. A little fun and exercise combined! Or get a little creative and brighten up the path with some colourful drawings!
If you’re feeling creative, here’s a recipe to make your own chalk at home!


For those rainy summer days, it is the UK after all!

9.    Family movie night!

Pick a movie the whole family can enjoy. Don’t forget the popcorn!
The ultimate question, Sweet or salted?

Movie Night

10.    Family fun.

Do a puzzle or make a fort out of all the couch cushions and blankets.


Happy summer fun!