It is often said that it is not easy being a parent… So why not simplify adult life by making it better for little ones?

Babycook Jade GreenFor 30 years, BÉABA® mission is to be close to parents, accompany them and reassure them in all circumstances. Well designed, smart and fantastically savvy, all Beaba products are developed to make new parents’ lives easier with style and a great deal of fun. (


Babycook is a one-of-a-kind compact appliance that acts as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster. 

Perfect to prepare healthy meals for baby & make your life so much easier!


  • It steams in less than 15 minutes preserving as much of their vitamins and flavours.
  • It then blends or purees the food to your desired consistency.
  • Lastly it is then used to quickly reheat or defrost precooked foods. 


Helping you make better & healthier foods for your precious little one!

If your anything like me, these tips will help you to use your Babycook correctly:

  • Make sure the jug handle ‘clicks’ in place, you should be able to hear a little click.Baby cook Duo White Neon Green
  • Water is to be placed into the reservoir and not in the jug itself.
  • The lid will not close unless it is pressed shut from the back where you see the little ridges.
  • Cooking times & water levels depends on the food being used and the quantity:
  • Water level 1 Approx. 5mins
  • Water level 2 Approx. 10mins
  • Water level 3 Approx. 15mins 
  • Refer to page10 in the Babycook manual
  • If the blades are not working correctly, try tipping the unit upside down and tighten the nut on the base.
  • Food is not to be blended with the basket still inside.
  • Always clean out and empty the excess water, if not done this will damage the unit.


*Steaming – Babycook will never dry boil your food. The steam cycle will only continue as long as there is water in the reservoir. If after a steam cycle is completed there is water remaining in your reservoir, it may be time to descale your machine. 


Baby PureeHere’s a nice, simple recipe to get your Babycook journey started, Sweet Potato and Ginger Puree. Perfect from 4-6 months.

Veggies mixed with fruit can be a wonderful thing!


Keep an eye out for out next blog, “10 simple & easy baby weaning recipes!”