With the obvious Valentine’s Day activities on hold while we are in the current lockdown. We have come up with six awesome ideas to celebrate with your loved one while in the comfort of your own home.

        1.  The perfect way to start, breakfast in bed.

You may have to fight over who gets to stay in bed but who doesn’t love a date that doesn’t require getting out of bed?
Get the kids involved if you have them. Create a fun breakfast with homemade heart-shaped pancakes. ????


        2.  Bake something sweet

It’s a Sunday this year so spend the perfect day getting messy with some baking in the kitchen. This is another to get the kids involved in. Makes some Valentine’s day cupcakes or heart-shaped cookies. ???? Here's one of our favourite Valentines day cookie recipes, plus our deliciously favourite cupcake recipe.


        3.  Book out the only restaurant still open, ‘The Dining Room’

Make an effort and get out of your new normal loungewear and wear something special for a nice dinner at home. No need to book a babysitter for this restaurant!


        4.  Enjoy Fondue for 2!

Whip out that fondue pot that’s been collecting dust and enjoy. Nothing says romantic like a chocolate fondue with strawberries and marshmallows.
If your style is more savoury than sweet, mix it up and do it like the French and melt some cheese with some crusty bread and a selection of meat and potatoes. 

????  Recipe here.


        5.  Mix up your own cocktail

Shake up a few of your favourite cocktails from that bar you haven’t been to in ages. Romantic crimson and rose coloured cocktails are a sure way to impress your loved one. Plus it gives you an excuse to turn the music a little louder and dance like your in that favourite bar. Let your hair down, it’s been ages!

Click here to see some cocktail ideas! ????


        6.  Last but not least ‘Netflix and Chill’

‘Netflix and Chill’ sometimes gets a bad rap but if planned correctly, a night in front of your favourite movie can be the perfect romantic night in for two. Don’t make it a typical film night, add something special and watch the first film you watched together on a date way back when! For me, it was Deadpool on our first date, how romantic! ????

Don’t forget the homemade popcorn! Click here for the perfect popcorn recipe.


Blog Image Credit: Style of the City Magazine

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