My First Five Years

10 Awesome things about being pregnant! (that you might not have thought about)

You've just found out you're expecting your baby, or maybe just started telling people – perhaps you are already hearing horror stories of pregnancy and parenthood. We're not going to tell you pregnancy and parenthood is easy – but it definitely isn't all bad. So here's our 10 awesome things about being pregnant!  A full 10, and none of them are remotely tongue-in-cheek.   

  1. You can justify eating ALL the cake. Okay, so, officially, you do still need to be mindful of your diet and healthy eating is important. We have to say that bit. But also, you can eat the cake.  
  1. You get a seat on a busy train/bus. Well, actually you SHOULD get a seat. In our experience this doesn’t always happen, and this makes us even angrier than when someone eats the last biscuit, which you should definitely get, because, you know, growing another human being and all that. Luckily, there are kind people in the world who will speak up when other humans forget their manners. And if there aren’t, then we’ve found that sticking your bump out and maintaining constant eye contact tends to ensure they think again about their selfish ways in future. Or that’s what we like to think.  
  1. You gain a new respect for your body. We don’t know about anyone else, but it often isn't until you get pregnant that you're suddenly like, “Woah, this body of mine that I have completely disregarded for the first two decades of my life can do some pretty amazing things”.  
  1. You get to wear massive, stretchy, comfy pants. Okay, we know you don’t need to be pregnant to wear massive, stretchy, comfy pants, but it is a perk. And non-underwired bras, and jeans with stretchy waist bands and… More to the point, you probably won’t stop after the baby comes out. We know, we know, right now that seems unlikely, but come back to us in two years and say you’ve said goodbye to comfooorrrrt. 
  1. You become healthier. By default. Without the pain of trying to give stuff up. Less/no alcohol. Less coffee. All right, so perhaps more packets of salt and vinegar crisps, but shhhh, this is a good point. 
  1. You can fall asleep at work and (probably) won’t get fired. Some of us have tried and tested this one during that pesky first trimester where no money in the world can keep your eyelids from closing. Admittedly, this does depend on where you work. Please do not fall asleep if you are a nurse, teacher, police officer, lawyer… Hmm this point isn’t really working either, is it?
  1. You are growing an actual human being. Does this fact ever get boring or less impressive? An actual human being. As we speak. Beneath your skin. Complete craziness and totally awe-inspiring stuff.  
  1. You get to feel your baby move and kick and wriggle. It’s just such a special thing. For months after you’re no longer pregnant, that instinct to rub your tummy protectively might still be there. Before pregnancy, you might have wondered why pregnant women walked around stroking themselves but now understand it. It is completely instinctual. Those lucky enough to have experienced it don’t forget that feeling and are immensely grateful to have had it. 
  1. People speak to you more. Sometimes this is a bit frustrating. “How long have you got to go?” is an annoyingly common question. But, and this continues when you have young children, lots of people are interested and friendly. Other women smile at you in the street.  Shopkeepers have a reason to start a conversation. You might find this a bit of a double-edged sword, as it’s a bit strange to get attention for the way your body looks, but also, you do feel kind of special. 
  1. You get to experience magic. We personally think the closest to actual magic that you ever get. With your first baby, you might have found it hard to ignore the fears of giving birth towards the end of pregnancy. Both your own fears and that of others. Of course you are anxious. This is a big deal. But among the "what ifs" and the planning and the practicalities, please don’t forget that having a baby is PURE MAGIC. Meeting your baby for the first time changes your life forever. However that baby arrives in the world.   

And, for all the complaints about the challenges of pregnancy, we would not swap them for the world for this last fact alone.    

My First Five years