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With see-through mesh sides (ideal for camera monitors!), high-grip feet, and just the right amount of give, each travel cot is designed to keep your baby feeling safe, secure, and cosy no matter where you set up for the night. After a good night’s rest, a travel cot can easily fold down to store in the car boot, under the bed or in a cupboard to take up minimal space. At Online4baby, you'll also find simple pillows and pads for newborns, ideal for keeping them snug and safe while they take a day-time nap on a sofa or a bed nearby. Need a place to store your baby's nappies, wipes, creams, and other bits and bobs while away? Our travel cot range also includes handy storage baskets so you can keep organised while on the go.

Can a newborn sleep in a travel cot?

Many travel cots are designed for newborn babies to sleep in, often with raised bassinet attachments that can be fitted inside the travel cot. However, for any travel cot you’re considering, it’s important to make sure it’s suitable for your little one. Travel cots will say what age, size/and or weight they’re designed to hold – such as from newborns up to 15kg. Make sure the travel cot you buy matches your baby.

It’s important to understand too, that whilst travel cots can make brilliant beds for holidays and trips, they’re not for long term use. Your baby should sleep in a suitable bed at home, like a cot, a Moses basket or a bedside crib.

Do travel cots need a mattress?

Travel cots don’t need a separate mattress. All our travel cots come with safe and firm mattresses already included with the cot.

It’s vital you use this mattress with the cot, as the mattress is designed to fit the cot properly and safely. Travel cot mattresses often serve as a structural support too, and taking the mattress out can make the travel cot less stable and even a risk to your little one. Always use a travel cot with the mattress it comes with.

Can you use a travel cot long term?

Travel cots make wonderful beds for babies, toddlers and young children to sleep in for trips and short periods. As they’re easily portable, travel cots are ideal beds for holidays and overnight stays, even for taking naps in when visiting friends and family for day trips.

However, travel cots aren’t designed for long term use. To make sure your little one sleeps as safely as possible, they need a dedicated baby bed at home, like a Moses basket, a bedside crib or a cot bed.

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