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Nursery Furniture & Room Sets

No more putting it off, get ready to tackle that nursery! At Online4baby, we understand how important it is to make your baby's nursery just right – that's why we've put together a fantastic range of nursery furniture sets for you to choose from, all at great prices.
Of course, these baby nursery furniture sets aren't just practical, they also look great too! If you're a parent who loves to show a bit of interior design flare, have we got a treat for you. Designs include classic white, Scandinavian style, luxury / plush style, as well as more natural and earth-toned sets to suit your vision for your baby's nursery. And before you know it, you'll have a stylish and practical space that both you and baby will love. Shop the full Online4baby range of nursery furniture sets to find the perfect option for you and your little one, all at a fantastic price.

When should you set up a nursery?

When it comes to babies, it’s always best to be prepared. And whilst you can begin setting up your baby’s nursery as early as you want, most parents start nursery prep during the second trimester of pregnancy. Many parents also often wait until the point when they find out the sex of their baby, if they choose to do so.

During the second trimester, morning sickness should have passed (fingers crossed!) but you’ll still be moving around relatively easily. And whilst pregnancy is likely feeling real for you, it may not be for your partner. So making a start on the nursery can be a great way to help your partner adjust to the idea of bringing a baby into your lives.

What do you need in a nursery room?

In terms of furniture, you’ll need a cot bed for your little one and a baby mattress. You’ll want plenty of storage space too, for clothes, toys and other items of baby paraphernalia, so a wardrobe and a dresser are recommended. Dressers with changing stations are ideal, as they give you a dedicated changing space, and a raised one that will be kind on your back. A nursing chair can also be a huge help for feeding in comfort.

Other recommended items for a nursery room include a mobile to fit above your baby’s cot, a baby monitor, a nightlight, and of course, plenty of age-appropriate toys.

How to design a nursery in a small room?

With the right furniture and the right approach, even the smallest of rooms can be converted into a fantastic nursery.

One way to make the best use of available space is to opt for efficient nursery furniture that performs more than one purpose. A baby cot with a drawer beneath doubles as both a bed and a storage space. A dresser with a changing station adds more storage, but also provides a dedicated changing area, freeing up floor space.

As well as multi-purpose nursery furniture, you can make the most of the available room by thinking vertically. A tall wardrobe can take up little floor space but will offer plenty of storage. Shelves can also help you make the most of wall space. With some clever planning and the right nursery furniture, you can make a wonderful nursery in any size room.

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