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Safety Bases

Make driving with your little one a fun-packed adventure rather than a worry with one of our baby safety bases. Guarantee your child’s car seat is attached securely to a rock-solid support in the back of your car. Then set out on your quest for fun, whether you’re planning a day tip or just a quick jaunt to the local supermarket.
Safety bases are one of the safest ways you can secure a baby seat in the back of your car. Although they can be installed and taken out easily, baby bases are intended to be more permanent items. They provide a safe and steady base that an infant car seat can be easily clicked into. Safety bases are simple to use, secure and one of the safest and easiest ways to carry your little one in your car.

How to fit an ISOFIX base?

Before purchasing your ISOFIX base, ensure that your model is compatible with your specific vehicle. ISOFIX bases are designed to be easy to install, taking just a few minutes.

First, choose a location in the rear of the car. Place the base on the seat of the car and press the central button at the front of the base to slide the seat base toward you - this will expose the anchors and make it easier to clip the base in. Once clipped, slide the base forward into position, taking care to check it is secure. From here, adjust the front leg of the ISOFIX base so that it sits securely in place.

What is an ISOFIX base?

ISOFIX refers to an internationally accepted car seat fitting safety system developed by 'International Standards Organisation Fix’. ISOFIX systems come in three categories to ensure they are compatible with a variety of vehicles.

Unlike belted car seats, ISOFIX systems use additional anchor points for added safety and to prevent injury from incorrect installation of baby and child car seats. ISOFIX categories include Vehicle-Specific Approval, Semi-Universal Approval, and Universal Approval - before purchase, always check whether your ISOFIX system will fit your vehicle by reading your car owner's manual or an ISOFIX list of compatible cars.

Does a car seat need a base?

Depending on your car seat or travel system, not all cars will require a base. Many EU-approved car seats are secured by a seatbelt which is looped through a passage at the base of the seat. ISOFIX systems include a secure, anchor-pointed base to which the car seat can be secured. Typically, if your child's car seat requires a base for use, it will come with the seat at purchase. If you decide to use a travel system with a base, take care to check that it is compatible with your specific vehicle and is EU-approved.

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