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Yes that’s right, you’ll even get a changing bag and cosy zip-close sleeping bag for keeping your little one warm! With adjustable settings, these 3-in-1 prams can also be changed to suit your height – perfect for parents sharing the task of pushing the pram. We see you dads putting the miles in pushing your babies to sleep. We salute you! With options available at several price points, styles, and with a range of attachments and accessories, finding the perfect pram for your family is easier than ever. Grab yourself a reliable, stylish, and safe travel system at Online4baby, at a fantastic price.

What is a 3-in-1 pram?

Most prams and buggies on sale today are designed so that multiple seats can be attached to the frame, meaning the pram or buggy can adjust to a growing child.

2-in-1 prams can fit both a carrycot suitable for newborns and young babies and an infant seat that’s suitable for older babies, toddlers and small children. This means a 2-in-1 pram can last from birth well into your child’s first years. 3-in-1 prams also called travel systems, go a step further. They can fit a carrycot, an infant seat, and a child car seat (hence three seats in one frame), making them even more versatile.

What is a travel system pram?

A travel system pram, also called a 3-in-1, is a pram that can fit three different seats – a carrycot, an infant seat and a car seat.

Travel systems are about as versatile and long-lasting as buggies get. Carrycot attachments are designed to hold newborns and younger babies in comfort and safety. The infant seat is suitable for older babies that can sit upright, as well as toddlers and children up to three years of age, and sometimes beyond. A travel system can last for years and years.

With the ability to fit a car seat on the pram frame too, you can move your little one from a car to the pram without taking them out of the seat (often without even waking them up!). Travel systems make trips out that involve both a drive and a walk as smooth and simple as possible.

What is the best pram travel system to buy?

There is a huge range of different travel systems out there, with a variety of features and options. Which travel system will be best for you and your family will depend on your specific situation and requirements.

Four-wheel travel systems usually offer more storage space and are great for shopping with your little one. Three-wheel travel systems are more manoeuvrable and can often handle rougher terrain, ideal if you want a pram you can take off-road. All of our travel systems include a carrycot, an infant seat and a car seat, or car seat adaptors. But some of our bundle deals offer even more versatility, with added baby carriers and travel cots too.

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