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Portable Booster Highchairs

Portable Booster Highchairs are the perfect solution for parents on the go! Whether you're dining out, visiting friends or family, or just need an easy-to-store highchair for your little one, a portable booster highchair is a must-have item for any parent. Designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to use, our portable booster highchairs are the ultimate solution for busy parents who want to make sure their child has a comfortable and safe place to sit at mealtimes. They're perfect for use at home, in restaurants, or even on vacation.

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When to move from a highchair to a booster seat?

Booster seats attach to adult chairs to give your child a safe, upright place to sit that can be adjusted to match the height of the table they’re at.

Whereas highchairs are suitable for younger children, usually from six months and up, booster chairs are typically designed to seat older children, often between 18 and 24 months. Every model of booster chair will state what age or weight they are suitable for. Some booster chairs, especially multi-position chairs, can be adjusted as your child grows, meaning they can be used for longer, often over many years.

What is the best portable highchair?

Which portable highchair is right for you and your child, will depend on the age of your little one and your situation.

All highchairs and booster seats are designed to hold children of a specific age and size. Portable highchairs are often designed to seat younger children, from six months and up, whereas booster seats are usually intended to seat older children, from 18 months and up.

Portable highchairs tend to be larger and take up more space than booster seats and can be better options if you have plenty of room on offer. Booster seats tend to be smaller and more compact – they are easier to transport if space is tight and are an excellent option if you want to attach the seat to an existing adult chair.

Which is better, a highchair or a booster seat?

Highchairs can seat younger children, usually from six months of age, whereas booster chairs are made for older children, typically from 18 months and older. Highchairs are free-standing child chairs that are sturdy and safe, but they can take up plenty of room. If you need a dedicated chair for your little one, they’re a great choice. Booster seats are made to attach to existing adult chairs and are much more portable. They’re an excellent idea if you need a child chair you can easily transport and that can be fixed to adult chairs around tables at friend’s and family’s homes, or at restaurants.

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