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It’s playtime! Play is serious business for your little one. Not only is play so much good fun, it’s also about exploring and learning and developing new skills. Play is super important. But you want to make sure your little one plays in a safe environment, and one perfect way to do that is with a baby playpen.

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Even better, many of our playpens can be set up and taken down quickly, and come with carrying bags, making them easily portable. You can take your baby’s favourite playpen with you on holidays and trips to other people’s homes (ideal when they’ve forgotten to put away all the potentially dangerous objects in reach of your baby). Even better still, many of our baby playpens double as travel cots too, great for when you’re staying away from home overnight. You’ll have a place to sleep and a place to play in one portable bag.

Is a playpen necessary?

Playpens aren’t strictly necessary, but they can be a huge help for parents and plenty of fun for babies. Using a playpen gives you somewhere safe you can place your little one for a short time. Maybe you need to answer the door, check on something cooking in the kitchen, or just need a moment to yourself? Whatever the reason, a playpen in a suitable location means you can focus your attention away from your child momentarily with peace of mind.

As well as being a huge help for you, playpens can be great fun for your little one too. With added toys and books, a playpen can become a much-loved space that your child adores and associates with fun and play.

Are playpens good for babies?

If used correctly, playpens can be excellent for babies. They provide a secure space to place your little one for short periods, meaning you can keep your baby safe if your focus is needed elsewhere momentarily. With the right toys and play items added, playpen time can be a rewarding opportunity for your little one to play, explore and develop.

Lots of our playpens are fast and easy to put up, and are portable, meaning you can take them on trips to see friends and family – ideal if their homes haven’t been made babyproof! Even better, some of our playpens double as travel cots too, meaning they act as both a safe bed and a play space when you’re away from home.

When is a baby too old for a playpen?

Typically, toddlers and children become too old for playpens when they’ve grown large enough that they can climb out of them and risk falling and hurting themselves.

The age this happens will depend on the size of both your child and your specific model of playpen. You’ll be able to judge when your little one reaches this stage, but many of our playpens also recommend the age and/or weight of child they’re suitable for.

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