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Muslin Squares & Swaddling

Our baby muslin squares come in packs of twelve because the more muslin squares you have on hand, the better. We offer a range of different colours and patterns, from traditional white, to blues and pinks and beiges, and with a variety of adorable designs. Shop our range of muslin cloths for babies today.
You can even use them to clean up mess, as sun covers, or as an impromptu changing mat. Talk about a game-changer. On top of all that, baby muslin wraps are ideal for swaddling too. Muslin blankets are soft but durable and can be wrapped easily around your little one for comfort and to help them sleep. And because muslin material is breathable, baby muslins allow warm air out, so won’t overheat your sleeping baby.

What is a muslin square for babies?

You might hear them called muslin squares, muslin blankets or muslin cloths, but whatever the name, they’re the same fantastic item. Muslin squares are lightweight cloths that are absolutely ideal for babies. They’re made from a soft cotton material with a loose weave, making them a gentle and breathable fabric. On top of that, muslin is absorbent, fast-drying and machine washable. It really is a wonder material.

Muslin cloths and babies have gone hand-in-hand for hundreds of years and more. The material was first made in the Middle East well over a thousand years ago and is used throughout the world today.

Why do you need muslin squares for babies?

Although muslin squares are relatively inexpensive and unremarkable looking, they’re one of the most important items in your new baby arsenal. Trust us. You’ll soon find that muslin blankets are an indispensable item you’ll use multiple times per day.

As muslin cloths are so soft and breathable, they make excellent swaddles and blankets. As they’re so absorbent, they can also be used as a cover when feeding, as a burp shield and as a bib. You can even use them for cleaning up surprise spills and vomit or as a makeshift changing mat.

But that’s just the start. Muslin squares can be used as a peek-a-boo game, for weather protection when you’re out and about, as a seat on grass… see what we mean!

How to use muslin cloths for babies?

How you use your muslin cloths will depend on what tasks you put them to. We recommend always making sure you have a couple of muslin squares to hand in the places you regularly use them, so you won’t have to dash around searching for one when the moment strikes.

Good places to keep muslin blankets include by your baby’s bed, in the places you usually feed and burp them, and where you change your little one. Keep a few in the buggy and your baby bag too for when you’re out and about.

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