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Kids & Toddler Bedroom Furniture

No matter what you're looking for in your nursery furniture, you're bound to find the ideal set right here at Online4baby. Shop the full range online to find a gorgeous set of baby furniture at a great price.
Decorating. Putting up the furniture. And making those homely little touches. There really is nothing like getting the nursey ready for baby’s arrival! And the nursery furniture is a biggie. You need storage, a safe place to sleep, and baby furniture that matches your theme. Whether you're looking for a dresser, change table or cot, you'll find all your essential baby furniture at Online4baby. Need a matching set to go with your nursery decor? We've got just the thing! You'll find a host of matching baby bedroom furniture sets so you can create a serene and stylish space for sleeping, nursing and play time! With a wide range of colours and styles, finding the perfect nursery furniture that seamlessly integrates into your existing decor is easier than ever.

What furniture do I need for a nursery?

Every family and every nursery are different, but we recommend the following as must-have items of nursery furniture.

Most importantly, you need a bed for your little one in their nursery. A Moses basket or a baby cot are all excellent options. Many parents opt for a Moses basket or a bedside crib at first, then move their little one to a baby cot when they’re ready to sleep in their own room.

Other recommended furniture for your baby’s nursery includes a nursing chair for comfortable feeding, a wardrobe for larger items of clothing, storage boxes for toys, and a dresser with drawers for smaller items of clothing. A dresser with a changing table on top makes changing easier and less of a strain on your back too.

When to start buying nursery furniture?

It’s always good to plan ahead. You don’t want to be rushing around at the very last minute to find vital baby kit, like nursery furniture. You want to be organised and ready for when you bring your little one home.

Assembling your baby’s nursery well ahead of time can also be an excellent way to adjust to the idea of welcoming your baby into your lives. It can make it all feel that little bit more real, especially for a partner who isn’t pregnant.

Because of this, we recommend you start getting your nursery furniture during the second trimester of pregnancy. That gives you plenty of time and is an excellent point to kick-start your nesting instinct.

How to arrange nursery furniture?

The specifics of how you arrange your baby’s nursery will depend on the size and shape of the room you use, but a good general approach is to create separate areas. You can have a sleep area with the cot and any sleep accessories, a changing area with a changing mat and bag, a feeding area with a nursing chair, an area for clothes and another area for play with items like a play mat and toys.

Take the most care when choosing a suitable sleep area. Your baby’s bed should be kept away from drafts or sources of heat, like windows and radiators.

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