GB Pockit / Pockit+ Travel Bag - Black

Durable & Hard-Wearing Fabric ✔ Strong Shoulder Strap ✔ Compatible With Pockit / Pockit+ Stroller ✔

ID: NP56377


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5 March 2019

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GB Pockit / Pockit+ Travel Bag - Black


Designed to protect your Pockit or Pockit+ stroller whilst travelling, the GB Pockit Travel Bag is manufactured using durable fabric which also features a drawstring inside to keep everything safe and secure.
Also benefiting from a strong shoulder strap, simply place your folded buggy into the travel bag, sling over your shoulder and your adventure can commence…

Category: Pushchair Accessories EAN: 04251158214948


Colour: Black
Suitable for use with the GB Pockit or Pockit+ Stroller
Durable, hard waring fabrics
Internal drawstring closure
Strong shoulder strap