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Footmuffs & Changing Bags

Keep me warm and comfortable, keep me happy! That’s true for us, but especially for your little one. And with our excellent range of pram liners, blankets and foot muffs, you can make sure your bundle of joy stays warm, comfy and cosy when you’re out and about.
Trips in the buggy can be a joy for baby and parent alike. It’s a chance for your little one to see the world around them, to explore and learn and be entertained. Walking with your baby in their buggy can be fun for you too, especially when you share in your child’s delight. Plus it can be a time to relax, clear your head and get some exercise.

What is a footmuff?

A footmuff is a detachable insert that can easily be added or removed from your child's pram. Their main function is to keep your little one warm and dry whilst out and about.

While they are referred to as footmuffs, these inserts will typically extend as far up to your baby's neck and face, providing insulation and warmth without constricting your baby's movement. Easy-close zippers or fastenings ensure you can easily open the footmuff to help control your baby's temperature. Footmuffs come in a range of styles, textures, and colours to pair with your travel system.

Do you need a footmuff for a pram?

While footmuffs are not mandatory, many parents consider them to be a sound and essential investment to accompany their baby's travel system. Footmuffs provide your baby with added warmth and insulation in colder months, keeping out chilly draughts and even the likes of rain and snow.

They are usually designed to attach to the pram, which also prevents your baby from kicking them off as they could a blanket, or even wriggling out of their pram. Easily adjustable, most parents find footmuffs to be a great way to adjust their child's temperature when out and about with minimal fuss.

What age do you use a footmuff?

Footmuffs can be used from newborn through to three years of age, or until your baby outgrows either their footmuff or their pram/stroller. There are no specific rules to say when a baby or toddler should stop using a footmuff, however as many parents find them to be a convenient way to keep their children warm and protected from poor weather conditions, they will use them for as long as possible.

Your child may also reach an age where they express that they no longer wish to use a footmuff, so it is often down to parental discretion when to stop using them.

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