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Designed to be oh so comfy with just the right amount of support, each maternity pillow at Online4baby is bound to give you a better sleep.
Be it supporting your bump or providing that essential under-arm support through the day, as well as night nursing and cluster feeding. Using a unique wraparound design, our pregnancy pillows are able to not only support your belly but your neck and back as well, preventing roll-over and soreness in the morning. Just don’t let your partner get their hands on it as they’ll never want to give it back. Honestly they are that comfy.

How to use a breastfeeding or nursing pillow?

Breastfeeding and nursing pillows are designed to support your baby and to hold them in a comfortable and suitable position for breastfeeding, taking the work and weight off you.

How you use a breastfeeding or nursing pillow will depend on the specific pillow you buy. But with most nursing pillows, there’s a set of steps you can follow. Begin by placing your breastfeeding pillow in the position you want to feed in. Make sure you’re comfortable and that you fasten and adjust any straps or ties your pillow has. Then place your baby in a position across the pillow where they can reach your nipple. Check your baby’s head and neck are properly supported, then achieve a latch and begin feeding.

How to use a pregnancy pillow?

How you’ll sleep with a pregnancy pillow will depend on what type of pillow you have.

If you’re using a C or a G-shaped pregnancy pillow, lie with the full side supporting your back. Place one of the open ends under your head, and the other open end between your legs to support your pelvis.

If you have a U-shaped pillow, you can sleep on either side or on your back. Lie with your head on the curved end and with your feet at the open end. Hug either arm of the U-shape to give yourself support where you need it.

With wedge-shaped pregnancy pillows, slide one or more of the pillows under areas of your body where you need support, like under your head, bump, neck, back or breasts.

When to start using a pregnancy pillow?

There’s no one specific point in pregnancy when it’s recommended you start using your pregnancy pillow. You can begin sleeping with it whenever you feel you need to. If you start to find it difficult to sleep and your regular sleep set-up isn’t giving you enough support, reach for your pregnancy pillow.

For most mothers-to-be, this happens around week 20 of pregnancy, when your baby has grown large enough that your belly begins to expand. It can be a good idea to try sleeping with your pregnancy pillow before this point, however, to give yourself time to get used to it.

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