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These easy-to-wash, durable baby bedding sets are ideal for quick-changing and use without losing their super soft texture. Your baby will stay cosy and comfortable night after night! In need of toddler bedding? We've got that too. That’s right you’ll find all your essential little duvets and sheets in our nursery and bedding range - perfect for making that important transition to the big kid bed.

How do you make a cot more comfortable?

When it comes to keeping your baby comfortable in their cot, a lot can be achieved by picking the right mattress, bedding, and sleeping bag.

Cot mattresses, particularly those made with wool, are designed to help regulate your baby's temperature as they sleep. Breathable fitted cot sheets made from wool or cotton are also great for helping your baby stay at an optimum temperature.

As babies tend to enjoy being swaddled – and considering that no blankets or pillows should be in their cot before 12 months – a baby sleeping bag or baby grobag is a great option for soothing them and keeping them warm.

When can babies have a pillow in their cot?

Until they reach 12 months of age, babies should have a clear cot - this means no duvets, blankets, toys, or pillows, as this increases the risk of suffocation.

While every baby is different, by 12 months of age, your little one will likely have the motor skills to move about should they need to adjust their surroundings. With this in mind, children at the one-year mark and older can use a small, relatively flat pillow to support their neck during sleep.

What bedding do you put in a cot?

For the first year of your baby's life, their cot bedding will be minimal – taking the clear cot approach, before they reach 12 months of age your baby's cot should only contain a breathable, firm mattress, a mattress cover, and a fitted top sheet.

From birth through to the one-year mark, babies have difficulty regulating their body temperature, so a baby sleeping bag or baby grobag is preferred over a heavy duvet or blanket. This simple approach also minimises suffocation risks, particularly for newborns and infants.

Wool bedding is also particularly good at regulating a baby's body temperature, however, breathable brushed cotton is also a great option for babies.

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