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Designed for even the smallest of newborns, carry cots come packed with clever features to make your life easier. Think adjustable handles, generously sized hoods to keep your baby cosy, as well as an adjustable slight incline for helping with reflux. Keeping your baby snuggly and warm, many of our carry cots also incorporate zip-close footmuffs and covers, ideal for transport during chilly weather or surprise rain showers and wind. Shop the full carry cot range at Online4baby and find the perfect baby carry at a price you can afford.

Can a baby sleep in a pram carrycot overnight?

Carrycots are a safe way for your baby to lie back and enjoy a trip out in your buggy. And they’re great for taking naps in too. For many babies, their carrycot soon becomes their premier napping destination!

Whilst carrycots are ideal places for lying and napping, most aren’t specifically designed for longer and overnight sleeps (a small number are and will clearly state so). To keep them safe, make sure your little one sleeps at night in an approved bed for babies, like a Moses basket or a cot bed.

When to switch from a carrycot to a pushchair?

Newborns and young babies need to lie flat in a carrycot at first when you go for walks. Smaller babies don’t yet have the muscle strength to lift and support their upper body and their head. Lying flat also helps the development of their spine. Put simply, lying flat in a carrycot keeps them both comfortable and safe.

Your little one will be ready to move from a flat carrycot to a pushchair seat when they can sit upright unaided and can lift and support their head. For most babies, this happens around six months of age, but every child is different. Some babies reach this stage a little earlier, some a little later.

How to put a baby in a carrycot pram?

First of all, make sure the carrycot is attached properly and securely to the frame of the pram and that the pram’s brakes are on. Then pull back the carrycot hood, and any other coverings, to give yourself full access to the carrycot.

Always lay your baby down flat on their back in the carrycot. Make sure no objects or material can cover their face or get into their mouths, to avoid any risks of choking or suffocation. Adjust clothing and blankets to ensure your little one won’t become too cold or will overheat. Keep an eye on them as you walk, and enjoy your trip out together!

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