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Baby Walkers

Mastered the roll-over? Yep. Smashed the sit-up? Check. Already standing? Not quite. Many babies are their happiest when they're up and about, exploring the world with a bit of independence. But for babies who haven't quite conquered their balance and aren’t standing just yet, a baby walker is a great choice.
Of course, they’re not just fantastic for babies - parents love baby walkers too! These super-safe walkers are ideal for giving your baby a bit of entertainment and exercise while you catch up around the house or when working from home. Easily keep an eye on your little one as they play knowing that they're perfectly safe and happy. Wipeable, hardwearing and with removable liners in the bottom, each baby walker can also be adjusted to suit your baby's height, making it a great long-term investment that ticks the boxes for both babies and parents!

Are baby walkers safe?

Designed with your baby's development and safety needs in mind, baby walkers are a great way to entertain your child safely as they begin to build confidence ahead of taking their first steps. Providing balance, support, and plenty of baby-safe entertainment, baby walkers give you peace of mind that your little one is being safely entertained.

While baby walkers are inherently safe, proper use is a must - always ensure your baby walker is kept away from staircases, uneven surfaces, drowning hazards, as well as reachable sharp utensils and hot surfaces.

What age can a baby go in a walker?

Baby walkers are generally safest for babies from six months of age until the age of walking. While this can vary from baby to baby, it's important that your little one has the strength and posture to support their head and neck when placed in a walker.

Many baby walkers are designed to be adjusted and grow along with your baby - whether they are just able to sit up on their own or they are moments away from taking their first steps, a baby walker is a great choice for keeping them safe while they are building their confidence.

How to use a baby walker?

When using a walker for the first time, it's important that your little one is able to sit up on their own and has begun crawling (or showing signs of crawling) – this not only ensures their safety, but makes the experience more engaging for your baby, too. Following proper assembly, place your baby in the walker, ensuring any standing support is adjusted to the right height and secured in place.

You should also take care that your home is walker-friendly, with stairgates in place and all reachable hazards stowed away. Adjust the walker where necessary as your baby grows or is ready to take their first steps!

Whether you are looking for a child's balance bike or a pedal bike, it's important to take note of the bike's wheel size, your child's height, and their age.

Typically, children's bikes will provide age suitability information, however for the perfect fit, always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines which will often detail the ideal height in relation to the wheel size. Children should be able to safely and comfortably touch their feet to the ground, sit upright or lean slightly forward, and should be able to fully extend their arms without appearing overstretched or unbalanced.

What is a child's balance bike?

A child's balance bike is a first-time learner bike, usually suitable for children up to three years of age. Without hardware like pedals, gears, brakes, and chains, balance bikes are designed to be controlled by your little one's own legs, giving them the freedom to keep up with the family without requiring the coordination and balance that comes with riding a pedal bike.

With the help of a balance bike, children can gain confidence, independence, and even road safety awareness. They will learn about helmet wearing, crossing roads, and how to share the road with pedestrians before making the transition to a pedal bike.

Can I take a child's scooter on a plane?

When it comes to taking your child's scooter on a plane, it is always safest to check with your particular airline prior to travel.

While some may allow foldable scooters to be treated as carry-on luggage, other airlines have very specific requirements around what can be stowed in overhead bins or carried on the plane, even if the scooter is just an inch or two over the size guidelines.

Many children's scooters are designed to neatly pack away, some with carrying cases, which may make it easier for you to comply with airline requirements.

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