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Baby Monitors

For many parents, a quality baby monitor makes all the difference - whether you're a floor or two away, in the garden or in the bedroom next door, a baby movement monitor gives you the peace of mind that your baby is sleeping or self-soothing safely.

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With a handy baby monitor in your new parent arsenal you can keep a close eye on your little one while they get their well needed rest. These baby monitors are designed to pick up even the slightest sounds and movements so you can go about your day while they nap. It also really helps when you move baby in their own room for the first time. Such a big step. Shop the full range to find the ideal baby monitor for you, with prices starting at under £30.

How do video baby monitors work?

Baby monitors are a fantastic way to keep an eye on your little one as they nap, sleep or self-soothe in a different room. With a video baby monitor, you place a video camera in the room with your baby that watches over them. The camera sends a live video feed to a handset you keep with you. The handset has a screen and a speaker so you can see and hear your little one as they slumber. Alternatively, some baby video monitors can send a video feed to an app on your smartphone.

Different baby video monitors come with plenty of added features too. Speakers in the camera let you can talk to your little one at a distance. Zoom and pan functions let you keep a close eye on your baby no matter how much they move around in bed.

How close should a baby monitor be?

The common recommendation is that a video monitor camera should be placed at least three feet away from your little one as they sleep. What’s most important to bear in mind though, is that the camera is placed in a position where you can see your child clearly and that there’s no risk of the camera falling into their bed.

Many baby monitor models will also state in their instructions how close they should be placed to your little one and will advise on how best to set up the camera and use your baby monitor.

What is the best baby monitor for me?

You’ve got a lot of choice when it comes to baby monitors, with a huge range of options and features to select from. Which baby monitor will be best for you will depend on what type of monitor and what features you’re looking for.

At their core, baby monitors let you watch and listen to your baby as they sleep in a different room. If you want to be able to see your little one when you’re out and someone else is looking after them, a monitor that can stream to your smartphone is a great choice. Baby monitors that have built-in night lights and light shows, plus lullaby and speaker functions are ideal if your little one often wakes in the night and needs help self-soothing and falling back to sleep.

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