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Our baby carriers come with all the essentials too. We’re talking storage for nappies, creams, bottles, dummies, and more (we know how much stuff you need!) meaning your hands can stay free while you explore with your little one in tow. Not only is a baby carrier ideal for parents, kids love them too. Giving them a great vantage point to see over mum and dad's shoulders, your little ones will adore the freedom and fun on every journey. Shop the full range of front and back baby carriers and backpacks at Online4baby for a handy parenting hack that both you and baby will love.

When can a baby face forward in a carrier?

At around four to six months of age – or when they are able to adequately support their head and neck on their own – babies can usually safely travel in a front-facing position in a carrier.

Prior to this age, babies will require support at the front and back of the head and should be worn facing their parent’s chest. As individual babies will develop and grow differently, it is important to test your baby in a forward-facing position at home, taking note of their head position and posture prior to longer periods spent in the carrier.

How long can you carry a baby in a carrier?

Your child may reach the required height prior to turning 12, or may be under this height by the time they reach the appropriate age to stop using a booster seat. In any case, once your child reaches either the height or age requirement, they may transition out of a booster seat and begin using an adult seatbelt.

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